-- Human Right On The Internet --

---English Version---

Tom, Lisa, Kate, Tatsuya are member of Discussion Club of K high school.
Tom is the leader.
Tatsuya came from Japan as oversea student.
One day, they are discussing about human right.

Tom :
Let's begin talking about human right on the Internet.
I'm a chairperson of today.
What do you think about human right, Lisa?

Lisa :
I think women come to get the chance to give their views.
For example, there are more little congressperson than men.
So, there were little chance for women.
But, if we have a web site , we can state our thinking to other person all over the world.

Kate :
Your thinking is true.
But, few people know a site which is made by a person who is not popular.

Tom :
I have a idea.
You can advertise your site on the Internet.
We can use Bulletin Board or Link in other person's sites.

Kate :
Oh, it's good idea.
So, we can state our thinking.

Tom :
Tatsuya, what do you think about Human right?

Tatsuya :
In Japan there some site which is made up of a lot of Bulletin Board.
For example, "2 channel" is most popular.
On these Bulletin Boards many person state their idea.
Some of them are useful information.
But, there are statement which criticize person they are placed at a disadvantage on society.
For example, some person who can't go out or who is not good at some thing are criticized by word which should not be state.

Tom :
It's too bad.
All human have right to live freely.
Without thinking other person is should be done.

Tatsuya :
On TV drama I heard this phrase.
"You are good as it is you."
When I heard it I was moved.

Tom :
Thank you.
We must think about human right from now on, too.
That's all today.

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